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Forty Year Old – Unnamed Narrator




I am a sick man…I am an angry man. I am an unattractive man. I think there is something wrong with my liver. But I don’t understand the least thing about my illness, and I don’t know for certain what part of me is affected. I am not having any treatment for it, and never have had, although I have a great respect for medicine and for doctors. I am besides extremely superstitious, if only in having such respect for medicine. (I am well educated enough not to be superstitious, but superstitious I am.) No, I refuse treatment out of spite. That is something you will probably not understand. Well, I understand it. I can’t of course explain who my spite is directed against in this matter; I know perfectly well that I can’t ‘score off’ the doctors in any way by not consulting them; I know better than anybody that I am harming nobody but myself. All the same, if I don’t have treatment, it is out of spite. Is my liver out of order? – let it get worse!

I have been living like this for a long time now – about twenty years. I am forty.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes From Underground

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Forty Year Old – Guinevere Pettigrew



‘It is cold,’ said Joe, and calmly put his arm round Miss Pettigrew and held her close.

Miss Pettigrew sat in a taxi with a strange man and he had the effrontery to put his arm round her, and Miss Pettigrew … Miss Pettigrew relaxed. She sank in her seat. She laid her head on his shoulder. She had never been so wicked in her life and she had never been so happy. She wasn’t going to pretend any more. She heard her own voice saying very loudly and very firmly,

‘I am forty,’ said Miss Pettigrew, ‘and no one, in all my life before, has flirted with me. You mayn’t be enjoying it, but I am. I’m very happy.’

She found his free hand and very firmly took hold of it. Joe’s returning clasp was warmly reassuring.

‘I am very comfortable myself,’ said Joe.

Winifred WatsonMiss Pettigrew Lives for a Day


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