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Fifteen Year Old – Henry Chinaski



But there were changes in my life. My father found a job. He passed an examination at the L.A. County Museum and got a job as a guard. My father was good at exams. He loved math and history. He passed the exam and finally had a place to go each morning. There had been three vacancies for guards and he had gotten one of them.

L.A. County General Hospital somehow found out and Miss Ackerman told me one day, “Henry, this is your last treatment. I’m going to miss you.”

“Aw come on,” I said, “stop your kidding. You’re going to miss me like I’m going to miss that electric needle!”

But she was very strange that day. Those big eyes were watery. I heard her blow her nose. I heard one of the nurses ask her, “Why, Janice, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I’m all right.”

Poor Mrs Ackerman. I was 15 years old and in love with her and I was covered with boils and there was nothing that either of us could do.

Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye


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Fifteen Year Old – Catherine Morland


At fifteen, appearances were mending; she began to curl her hair and long for balls; her complexion improved, her features were softened by plumpness and colour, her eyes gained more animation, and her figure more consequence. Her love of dirt gave way to an inclination for finery, and she grew clean as she grew smart; she had now the pleasure of sometimes hearing her father and mother remark on her personal improvement. “Catherine grows quite a good–looking girl — she is almost pretty today,” were words which caught her ears now and then; and how welcome were the sounds! To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive.

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

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